Scent Combo - Doe-N-Heat 18oz. / Dominant Buck Urine 18oz.


You are purchasing 36 total ounces with this combo. That's less than $1.25 per ounce. Excellent for Scent Dripper and bomb refills,mock scrapes and decoys. The combo is one 18oz. bottle of Doe-N-Heat doe estrus and one 18oz. bottle of Dominant Buck Urine by Phillips Outdoors Inc. Fresh urines harvested by whitetail experts... in plastic flip top Bottles. October 2018 harvest.




Bottles are filled completely to the top to minimize oxygen then sealed before capping. Store in a cool place. This is an all natural product with no additives. If stored properly it will maintain it's freshness for two years. Oxygen, heat and direct light will speed up the breakdown of any animal urine.

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